I am Belinda van Vuuren. I am a life photographer. I capture your life... through photography and photo books. Let me earn your trust and be your family's photographer, making sure all those memorable moments are captured forever. 

My first experience with 'real' photography was in the mid-90s and was quite an 'aha' moment for me. I was responsible for our little mining town's weekly newsletter. I did the layout of the publication, took photos and then developed the negatives and the black and white photos. It amased me how I could take photo paper, pull it through a chemical solution... and an image appears... from nothing! Total magic to me.

After that I found myself putting more thought into an image/subject before actually taking the photo. I realised I had an eye for photography...  seeing 'something' special in a moment and being able to capture it on camera.

My mission is to capture memorable moments while being inspired by emotion. I believe in living my values of Passion, Trust and Reliability through my day-to-day dealings with my clients. It is important for me to understand my client's needs and deliver on their expectations.

For my company name, Terua, I used my maiden name (Auret) and turned it around. Something different, personal and unique.



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